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Wendy Timmons

Position: TDFS Board Convener

Wendy is a passionate advocate for traditional dance. She is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and has authored book chapters and published in international peer reviewed journals.

With thirty-five years’ experience training dancers and dance teachers, Wendy developed the MSc programme in Dance Science & Education and optional GTCS accredited teaching pathway.

Wendy is a member of the steering board for the School for Scottish and Celtic Studies archive and has curated several Dance Artists in Residency and archival projects at Moray House School of Education

Eleanor Sinclair

Position: TDFS Board Member

Eleanor is an artist and teacher in both Highland and Step Dance.

She is an associate member of the BATD with a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management.  With close connections to the Hebrides and Northern Isles, Eleanor taught Highland Dance in the Western Isles for a number of years before leaving to travel abroad.

Eleanor now works in arts marketing for a community arts and heritage venue in Argyll and plans to continue her practice as a teaching artist in the near future. Eleanor on Facebook.

Iliyana Nedkova

Position: TDFS Board Vice Convenor

Iliyana is an independent curator, writer and producer of contemporary performing and visual arts, including dance, music and storytelling with over 25 years of professional experience.

She’s a founding co-curator of – Scotland’s annual festival of dance on screen, including Scotland’s first public collection of international screen dance works at Perth’s Threshold artspace.

Her current postgraduate research interests include public art, human rights and interspecies activism, peacebuilding and the arts, environmental humanities, contemporary and traditional art forms, the town twinning movement, artist’s moving image culture, women artists, literature in translation, archival practices, online curatorship, festivals and artists’ residencies. Iliyana Nedkova’s website.

Kalubi P. Mukengela Jacoby

Position: TDFS Board Member

Kalubi was born and raised in Belgium. She started her training in traditional Luba dance and singing (from DR Congo) at age 3.  She graduated high school with baccalaureate in Dance and in 2005 started training in hip hop and founded the hip hop company “Born2Move”.  She has a BA (hons) in contemporary dance performance, and an MSc in Dance Science and Education from the University of Edinburgh.    She is also the founder and director of Seven Artist Management, an agency that aims to bring diversity to the Scottish performing art scene. Email: [email protected]

Jacqueline Bews

Position: TDFS Board Member

Jacqueline is a New Zealander of Scottish ancestry who is now a permanent resident of the UK with her home in Edinburgh. She has spent decades teaching, coaching and presenting her innovative music-movement methods in New Zealand through education, sport and cultural organisations leading to, in recent years, opportunities for research in  brain and cognitive sciences at Edinburgh, High Performance Sport NZ and Sydney. Jacqueline continues to be a working advocate for integrating  physical, cognitive, social and emotional  learning  through  music- dance patterns along with ongoing research in developmental cognitive genetics.   [email protected]


Position: TDFS Board Member

Colin has extensive experience of administration and management over many years as the supervisor of the manufacturing side of R M Cameron and Sons, Stationers (which no longer exists). He has been involved in many forms of dance from an early age, including ballet, Eastern European folk dance, Greek dance, Renaissance dance, Scottish country and ceilidh dancing, along with Irish step and set dancing, Playford, and is currently the treasurer of the Edinburgh International Folk Dance Group (EIFDG). He now both plays in and calls for a ceilidh band. Email: [email protected]

Joanne Urwin

Position: Traditional Dance Development Officer

Phone Number 0131 558 8137 (303)

Email Joanne Urwin

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