Seeds and Sequins, Facts and Figures


Having sown the seeds and sequins of Pomegranates 2023 festival this spring – our second annual festival of international traditional dance, we are excited to share some of the facts and figures with you. We welcomed 74 artists to our stages, screens and dance floors – all from 30 diverse backgrounds, including Ukraine and Zambia.

We premiered nine commissions, including a screen dance; two projects with eleven new poems to dance to; two new choreographies for the stage and one for the screen; one artist residency leading to 45m of new dance drawings of charcoal on paper; our first ever podcast episode with five interviewees and a series of new video documentaries – all to be made available on our festival newsfeed, alongside our top reviews, booklets and more: Enjoy browing below for more pomegranates seeds and sequins or





Images from the Pomegranetes 2023 world premiere of Dances with Ouds and Fiddles by Barrie Barretto featuring Yuxi Jiang, Fengyuyi Jiang and Tianru Xu